From Botswana to Bangladesh - Copyright Across The World

Welcome to the beta test of Copyright Watch, our growing repository of links and resources connected to the changes in copyright law across the world.

Copyright culture is changing across the world, but it's still hard to track exactly what those changes are -- especially when there's very little knowledge about the details of each country's existing copyright legislation. When new reforms appear, it can be hard to even place them in the context of earlier laws. When we set out to build a website that would help track these changes, we realised that the first step would be to collect together as many existing laws as we could.

There are two big resources we've linked to at Copyright Watch; WIPO's CLEA collection, and UNESCO's Collection of National Copyright Laws. Both are great repositories for information, especially for historic documents. Librarians and academics based in their home countries have helped us fill in the the rest: in some cases travelling to the one obscure location where a single public copy of a law resides

Right now, we're still working on website text and double-checking the legal data. If you have any comments, please let us know. And if you're a copyright expert in your own country, we'd love to hear from you too -- both to keep the site updated, and let others know where to find you online.